Think radiantly



I have had the privilege of working with Cristina. She managed to shift my focus, break old patterns and get me centered and connected with myself in a way I have never been before. 

Earlier, I found myself facing dilemmas quite often, which meant pain. Cristina spotted this immediately – and taught me how to bring creativity into my thinking. This was one of many A-HA moments for me – and the specific tools she has taught me I apply every day.

As a direct result of her coaching, I changed my career and landed my dream job! I feel mentally and physically stronger and I have learnt tools that allow me to spend more time doing what I love, rather than what I ”should”. Life is simply more fun!

In my notes, I have written about the call that started it all:

“Note to self: FANTASTIC DECISION!” Indeed it was.

– Marianne Wahl-Larsen
Norway School of Creative Studies, Oslo

Cristina helped me face a career transition at a very delicate phase of my life. From one day to the next, the agency that for 12 years had been “my company” was shut down by the Government, in a budget reform. I felt lost and no longer knew what I wanted and what direction to take.
Cristina helped me understand myself better, know my strengths and talents, and develop a new vision for myself. I discovered an energy to pursue my vision I did not know I could have.
With her help, I was able to find a new position, and most of all a new way of managing events, people, and resources, more creative and much more in line with my inclinations.

-Rosella Vitale
Senior Expert, EC Energy Programs Coordinator, Invitalia, Rome 

Cristina is a fantastic Coach. Her coaching has given me incredibly much, in terms of awareness, my talents and skills, and in leadership of myself and my team. It’s given me a whole new way of seeing, appreciating, and planning the future.

– Mario Giorgio Zucchi
Entrepreneur, Sassari


Cristina’s coaching was a fundamental support for me. At a challenging time, she made me focus on what is important to me in my career. She gave me priorities and tools to achieve objectives, that I could discover thanks to her guidance. And, last but not least, she always recommended to look for the funny side in the job I choose. Thanks to what I learned from Cristina, I found a new job. Now I am focused on what I love, a whole new chapter in my career.”


-Georgia Aues Scek Mohamed
Consultant, Rome



Dear Cristina,

Thank you very much for your coaching, which made me refocus on what is important to me, on staying in state and how to be powerful. Thank you for your empathy and nice firmness, which helped me focus on what I needed. I now live the changes I needed. I am happier, and calmer, and can contribute more to others!

May-Lis Farnes
Entrepreneur, Stockholm